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Grand-Est: Découvrez des lieux nouveaux, inspirez-vous et créez le ‘chez- vous’ parfait.

Located in the north-east France, the region of Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine was created in January 2016 and is made up of the former regions of Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine. Bordering Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland, there are a number of Germanic influences in the region, from food specialities to place names. Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine boasts beautiful countryside and a number of vineyards, including the world famous champagne vineyards. There are also forests, rivers, the Vosges Mountains and several large towns including Strasbourg, Metz, Nancy and Reims.

Chalons en Champagne – Strasbourg – Metz

ARDENNES (08) – AUBE (10) – BAS RHIN (67) – HAUTE MARNE (52) – HAUT RHIN (68) – MARNE ( 51) – MEURTHE-ET-MOSELLE (54) – MEUSE (55) – MOSELLE ( 57) – VOSGES (88)

Les derniers biens en vente dans la région de Grand-Est

Les derniers biens en location dans la région de Grand-Est

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